Technology for Science Teachers: Annotated Bookmarks Wiki

This is a Wiki generated by students enrolled in EDAP 676-31 at the University of Louisville, Summer 2010.

Annotated Bookmarks (Boring title! Suggestions?)Edit

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Temporary discussion

Some materials for students are age-specific. Can we indicate that somehow? Perhaps simply ES, MS, HS, HS+ next to links?

Way to show you found other people's links useful?

Resources For Planning

  • For Teachers (Split this?) This page has links to assist teachers with lesson planning, developing instructional materials, professional development, and productivity.
(Best practices?) - what works in science
(Science specific best practices) - what works for teaching science
(Interesting practices):
(Materials?) - Science cataloges, equipment, posters, products, etc. Could include
(Techonolgies?) - how are you/other teachers using technology in their teaching
(Lesson plans):Lesson plans for middle school teachers on various topics.
(Professional organizations)
(Training opportunities)
(Chicken soup for the teacher's soul)
(Links to links) - others' compilations of possibly useful links
  • General Education This page has links to sites that are of educational use but not specifically for science teaching and learning

Resources for Students


  • General Science This page has links to sites that are related to science in general but that do not fit in the following categories
  • (Magazines, blogs, newspapers...?)


  • Biological Sciences This page includes links related to biology, anatomy, environmental science, and related topics
  • Chemistry This page includes links related to chemistry concepts
  • Earth Sciences/Geology This page includes links related to earth science and geology concepts
  • Physics This page includes links related to physics concepts
  • Space Sciences This page includes links related to astronomy and the space sciences

Latest activityEdit

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