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Chemistry City


Great source for various chemical reaction demonstrations, including great biohazard safety movie. (From the College of Science and Technology at Central Michigan University).

Chemistry LessonsEdit

Chemistry Spot

  • List of lessons from physical/chemical changes to bonding... worksheets included**


A collection of plays about energy (chemical, nucluar, solar, etc.) The plays have characters such as the simpsons, harry potter, and much more!


List of over 40 experiments for high school chemistry students...Just one click on "Click!!!" and a full lab pops up, including pre-lab discussion, purpose, materials, equiment, procedure, observations/data, calculations and conclusions.

Chemistry ComicsEdit

Over 20 different cartoon comics relating to chemistry...

Online GamesEdit

A great online game to help chemistry students learn about the elements...Set-up for all levels-learing to master!

Numerous links for games, songs and more!

Amazing Chemistry Resources!Edit

I posted this entire site under the "For Teachers" section, but the chemistry page is specifically awesome! I especially like the lab safety song/video!!!

Interactive SimulationsEdit

Get source of interactive simulations of experiments that are hard to perform, allowing students to see the phenomenon for themselves! ( Thanks Amy ;-) )

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