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Formative AssessmentEdit

Great Book

Use assessment to inform instruction and learning in the science classroom! Science education expert Page Keeley shares 75 specific techniques that help K–12 science teachers determine students’ understanding of key concepts and design learning opportunities that will deepen students’ mastery of content and standards.

Science Process SkillsEdit

Process Skills

  • List of exciting lessons centered around process skills

Teacher Guides (need a better section title - suggestions?)Edit

How can you evaluate web sites for whether they are useful in research? How can you help your students evaluate websites? This page has a rubric and descriptions for five criteria to use in critically assessing the value of a web site: authority, accuracy, currency, coverage, and objectivity.

Awesome Science Teacher ResourceEdit

The title says it all...this site has labs, games, music and much more! It is definatly an awesome science teacher resource.


Lesson Plan/Experiment Ideas

This site has some good lesson plans for a range of science areas and levels. I have found that even the lessons for 6-8th grade still work for high schoolers with slight modifications.


Blooms Wheel

Here is an aid for when you are creating questions for test, quizes, and activities.

Classroom Clipart

Free Clipart for your classroom presentations.

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Section headingEdit

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